Elder Class 29th November to 3rd December 2021

In geography this week, Elder class looked at the port of Southampton and the trading links it has with China particularly through the visiting of the Marco Polo container ship every eleven weeks. They looked at aerial photographs of the port and an OS map of the area and tried to find given places on both. Elders also used four and six-digit grid references, which built on their maths work. There was some fantastic co-operation evident.

Elder class had a great PE lesson with Tom again this week. 

As part of their Everest work, Elder class learnt about the Khumbu Icefall and the hazards that climbers have to endure to get through it. The class then worked in pairs to invent a board game based on the Khumbu Icefall. There was some fantastic creativity and some excellent motivation to be seen. 


There was lots of creativity in dance this week too. The class had to choreograph their own routine given certain criteria to meet. Their dances are entitled ‘Waiting…’ and they used a chair as a prop. They will build on this week’s work in next week’s lesson to finalise their routines. There were some impressive moves from Joel and Peony, which were greatly admired by the rest of the class. Great cooperation evident in all groups too!

Elder class finished their board games in English today and had the opportunity to play each other’s games. They assessed whether the rules were clear enough to follow and enjoyed the competitive spirit within the class!


Elder class made their Christingles and then attended the service at the church led by Rev Lawson. Oliver was part of the giant orange and Merryana represented Elder class with her lit candle.

Elder class had a great time, with the rest of the school, at the pantomime. There were smiles all round and lots of laughs.