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Elder Class 2nd September to 9th September 2022

Elder class had a great first day on Friday and really impressed us with how mature and motivated they were. They certainly made a fantastic start to year 6.

Our learning this week: 

In maths we are learning to read and write numbers to 10 million; understand the place value of digits within numbers to 10 million; order and compare numbers to 10 million.

In English we are learning to understand the themes in Romeo and Juliet; precis the story in 200 words; write a story opening using precise vocabulary and humour.

In science we are recapping what we already know about light and learning how we can see.

Our big question for the week is ‘What’s the best thing about being in your family?’

Elder class learnt about Romero Britto and started designing self-portraits using his style. They were incredibly focussed and there is some great artwork developing.

Elder class were learning about how we see and they worked together to make short presentations for the rest of the class about this subject.


In music, Elder class recapped how to play the note B on the recorder. The class played three different tunes, using musical notation to practise this skill. They sounded great!


In art, Elder class carried on with their self-portraits in the style of Romero Britto. I think you will agree that they are looking great!


Scarlett was the first member of Elder class chosen at random to show some work she was proud of in our Celebration Assembly. Well done, Scarlett for speaking so clearly and sharing your work.