Elder Class 3rd May to 6th May 2022

Our learning this week:

Maths: we are revising algebra, the mean, and word problems involving all four operations.

English: we are completing various pieces of writing based on the film ‘Titanium’.

Science: we are learning to recognise and use scientific circuit symbols.

Elder class worked in groups to make circuits and made some predictions about the components in the circuit and then tested these. Great cooperation and motivation seen.

Elders have continued their writing based on Titanium. This week they have written formal police reports using appropriate vocabulary and linking adverbials and informal diary entries highlighting thoughts and feelings.

An excuse to get outside and enjoy the spring sunshine, Elder class completed a SPaG treasure hunt. Great motivation and cooperation seen. 

In art, Elder class have been looking at the work of Klimt and designed their own patterns for a portrait of a lady.