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Elder Class 4th to 13th January 2023

Welcome back to Elder Class. Happy New Year to you all.

In maths this week we are learning to understand scale factors and enlargements. Next week we are moving onto our new algebra unit of work. We will focus on 1-step and 2-step function machines, form expressions, use substitution and formulae.

In English this week we are learning to use figurative language to write descriptively and to use cohesive links between paragraphs. 

In science this week we are learning how the heart functions as part of the circulatory system.

Our ‘Big Question’ this week is ‘Why is democracy so important?’

Well done to Sophie for gaining second place at the Suffolk County Cross Country at The Royal Hospital School on Sunday. What a fantastic achievement – well done!

In PE this half term, Elder class are learning yoga. This week they learnt how to do the Sun Salutation Flow. There was some great flexibility on show.

In English the class wrote a story involving a flashback. They use an object to stimulate the flashback and then had to consider how to get the character back from the flashback to the current time.