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Elder Class 6th to 10th March 2023

Our learning this week

In maths we are learning to recap our learning on percentages particularly finding missing whole amounts when we know the percentage and solving problems involving percentages. We will begin our topic on area and perimeter.

In English this week we will write narratives based on a text and write a newspaper report.

In science this week we will learn about adaptive traits.

Our Big Question for this week is ‘what does it mean to be human’?

Elder class did lots of writing this week! They wrote a new final chapter for ‘Olive’s Army’, a newspaper report about the invasion and a first person narrative based on Kindertransport. They did a great job!


In science we learned about adaptive traits and we read the picture book ‘Moth’ which explained the evolutionary process. The children then designed their own speckled moth.


We had two new entries in our class reading journal.