Elder Class 6th to 10th September 2021

Elder class enjoyed the September sunshine during their PE lesson with Tom this week. They played basketball and showed some good marking and shooting skills.


Elder class enjoyed their first drama session with Annie from the Theatre Royal. They showed superb cooperation and great motivation.


In English Elder class wrote descriptions of the witches from Macbeth. They tried to create atmosphere through the use of powerful verbs and adjectives, similes and pathetic fallacy. They did a great job!


In science, Elders were learning about reflection. They measured the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection and compared their results. 

Continuing our Macbeth work, Elder class wrote diary entries in role as one of the characters.


In RE Elder class have thinking about what it would be like if Jesus lived amongst us now and looked at the picture called ‘Jesus on the Tube by Antonia Rolls. They drew their own pictures of their families on the tube with Jesus.