Elder Class 7th to 10th June 2022

In maths this week we are looking at converting currency and calculating time differences linked to our holiday topic.

In English this week we are writing our Alma narrative, writing a back story based on a picture and beginning our plastic pollution topic which will include an information leaflet and a balanced argument.

In science this week we are completing an investigation and observing results.

Having watched the short film, Alma, the class wrote their own story inspired by this using a picture as a stimulus. There was some amazing writing using suspense and imagery.


Two members of Elder class have shown fantastic motivation and stickability outside of school in their chosen hobbies. Kitty achieved a distinction in her Lamda Musical Theatre Grade 3 solo after performing ‘Where is Love’ from Oliver the musical and ‘Naughty’ from Matilda. What a fantastic achievement! Nate gained two gold medals in his martial arts tournament during the half term break. He showed the whole school some of his moves during our celebration assembly and everyone was very impressed! well done, Nate!

In art, Elder class have been looking at the work of Gustav Klimt. They designed their own patterns ready to collage next week.


Elder class have begun a unit of work on plastic pollution. They wrote information texts about plastic entitled ‘Plastic: Friend or Foe’. The texts were informative and detailed. Super motivation and creativity.