Elder class 7th to 11th February 2022

In RE Elder class have been learning about Humanism. They found out about the Humanism logo and then designed a logo for themselves that reflected their key values.


In history, Elder class were learning about the impact of the second world war on women and their lives particularly the fact that many had to take up paid employment, undertaking the jobs that the men who had gone off to fight had left behind. They researched some different jobs that women did and wrote a diary entry in role.


In maths, Elder class are continuing with their unit of work on algebra. They looked at forming equations to solve unknown number questions. The children used concrete resources, pictorial representations (bar models and part/part/whole models) and wrote equations using algebraic notation.


In science this week Elder class had to plan and undertake an investigation relating to exercise. The children measured their pulse rate before exercising and after different activities. They worked in pairs and showed great cooperation and motivation.


Elder class finished their unit of work on Humanism and completed mind maps of what they had learned.


In English Elders wrote dialogues and formal reports.