Elder Class 8th to 12th November 2021

After reading a poem in our whole-class guided reading session this week, Lyra was inspired to write her own poem at home. It is based around the seasons and the cycle of a tree. Great use of personification and rhyming couplets. Superb creativity and motivation – well done!


Elder class researched the different colour poppies that are worn for Remembrance Day and made information mobiles to show their understanding. Lovely creativity.

In English, Elder class have been looking at some war poetry. We discovered that some poets supported the war, even encouraging young men to join up,  whilst others considered the suffering endured by the soldiers to be a direct contrast to the notion of a ‘sweet’ or ‘fitting’ death it was suggested to be. Elder class wrote cinquain poems using phrases from In Flanders Field.


In our Wednesday PE lesson Elder class planned and practised dance routines with their talk buddy using four sets of eight beats. They tried to use different levels and an element of movement as well as sound through clapping and body percussion. There was great cooperation and motivation – well done!



On 11th November Elder class took part in the two-minute silence on the playground with the rest of the school. Back in class, Elders made poppies to add to our display. There was some superb co-operation and I think the display shows Elder Class’s creativity.


Elder class wrote some cinquains using phrases from famous WWI poems. They designed a background picture either focussing on a poppy motif or based on images by Paul Nash. I think the finished poems look fabulous.