Elder Class 9th to 13th May 2022

This week is SATS week for Elder class. They will be completing the following assessments on the following days:

Monday: Spelling, grammar and punctuation paper and spelling paper.

Tuesday: Reading paper.

Wednesday: Arithmetic paper and Reasoning paper 1.

Thursday: Reasoning paper 2.

Our learning this week:

Maths: we are revising word problems involving all four operations.

English: we are writing a prequel and a newspaper report based on the film ‘Titanium’.

Science: we are learning to understand voltage

First day of SATS completed – the spelling, grammar and punctuation tests. The class enjoyed their cereal bar and juice breakfast together and kept smiling throughout the assessments. Well done, Elders.


In geography we have been looking at National Parks and why they are named ‘the breathing spaces’ of the country. We have also compared British National Parks to The Everglades National Park in the USA. The children’s work on our display looks beautiful and shows how much they have learned.


They think it’s all over……….it is now! Elder class is officially a SATS-free zone! The final paper was sat this morning so year 6 are done with tests. The whole class have been amazing showing such positivity and maturity. They have smiled throughout – well done to you all, we are super-proud of you.


Elder class really impressed Mrs Bigg and me in English today with their 100-word stories. They showed such creativity and motivation – fabulous! 

In science, Elder class learned about voltage and current. They investigated the impact of increasing the number of cells in a circuit and changing the lengths of the wires within a circuit. Great cooperation seen.

Elder class had a great morning completing Taskmaster challenges in their teams. There was a lot of laughs, which was lovely to see.