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Elder Class 9th to13th October 2023

Our learning next week (16th to 20th October):

In maths we are learning to  understand BIDMAS; use mental methods to solve number sentences; use known number facts to solve problems.

In English we are learning to write a setting description using figurative language; use a variety of grammatical features to build suspense in our writing; use a variety of sentence openers.

In science this week we are learning about Carl Linnaeus. 

In our latest Times Tables Rockstars tournament, the boys were victorious! Well done to Jack, Luke and Reuben (the top three placed boys) and to Cordelia, Scarlett and Flo (the top three girls). Great motivation and cooperation.

Elder class are having a great time at the Theatre Royal preparing for their performance tonight.

Well done, Elders for a fantastic performance. You are all stars and should be super-proud of yourselves for your stunning performance.


In English, Elder class wrote monologues and then peer edited to improve their work. Great cooperation evident.