20th-24th June 2022 Horse Chestnut


In English, we looked at planning and rewriting our own versions of The Egyptian Cinderella. The children decided what Gods they wanted to include, and how they were going to change the ending or keep it the same. We then wrote these as a draft before we then developed our editing skills. Finally, we ended the topic by rewriting the stories in a story book form. 


In maths, we continued our topic of Properties of Shapes by exploring different types of lines. We went out onto the playground and searched for different lines. We found parallel lines, horizontal, vertical and diagonal! We then explored lines of symmetry and recreating symmetry on grids using mirrors and tracing paper.

Nepal Enrichment Day:

This week, we had our Nepal Enrichment day. We learnt all about Nepal and the foods
 people of Nepal eat, volley ball, Mount Everest, the flag and Kukur Tihar. The children had so much fun and learnt a lot.