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Horse Chestnut 10th-14th July

Maths – co-ordinates

English – Diary Writing

Science – Scientists and inventors


In Maths, we have been looking at our times tables. We have been practicing our 6,7 and 9 times tables. We’ve also been looking at the division facts, focusing on fact families and arrays. 


This week, we’ve been focusing on our character’s thoughts and feelings. We have been using drama to help us improve our ‘show not tell’ technique. This allowed us to show the reader with description how a character is feeling rather than just saying an emotion. 


In History, we explored the story of Cleopatra and focused on her life. We looked at different sources throughout history and their differing opinions. We then acted out her story. At the end of the lesson, we wrote our own opinions on Cleopatra from the information we had on her.

DT Day:

We had such a fantastic time running our own restaurant. We spent the morning cooking our stuffed peppers, Greek Salad and Greek yoghurt. We then took turns in serving the courses and clearing up after!