Horse Chestnut 11th-15th October

Next Weeks Learning:

Maths – We are continuing with Addition and Subtraction focusing on effective ways to subtract and estimate.
English – We will be continuing with Escape from Pompeii, writing our final diary entries!
Science – Living things and their habitats 


In Maths this week, we have been extending our knowledge of subtraction and the different ways we can show our working out. We focused predominantly on the column method however we spent some time looking at bar models and place value chart also. Using the place value chart allowed the children to have visually see the subtraction.


We began English this week by looking at the features of a diary entry. This then lead each lesson to be a more in-depth look at each of these features. The children have looked at using past tense, first person and even fronted adverbials.


In History this week, the children discovered how Romans used to relax in Britain. We used pictures of artefacts and ruins to help us predict what they might have done. We discovered they would relax in Roman baths, play dice games and even go to the amphitheatre  to watch chariot racing, gladiator fighting and even pantomimes.


The children continued to develop their guitar skills, following a backing track and listening to the chords and playing along themselves.


For art, the children have been spending the past few weeks creating their Roman masks. They’ve been putting loads of effort into the creation making them from scratch. We have now got to the stage where we have painted onto a mask to create the faces once these have tried we will use black pen to create our details.

Harvest and Generosity week:

This week, the children have done lots for Harvest. They have donated to UNICEF, donating food to a food bank and discussing what they are grateful for. They have also been rehearsing their Harvest poem and performed it in the church today!