Horse Chestnut 12th-15th December

After half term learning:

Maths – We will be continuing to look at multiplication and division.
English – We will be looking at our new text focusing on poetry and letter writing. 
Science – We will be looking at Animals including Humans.
Geography – How can we live more sustainably?

Carol service:

This week we did lots of festive things, including the carol service. This was a great opportunity to show parents and the community the songs we have been learning the last few weeks. 

The Polar Express:

This week we came to the end of our English topic. We wrote letters to Father Christmas explaining why we should be given the first gift of Christmas. In our letters, we used subordinating conjunctions such as if and because. We then ended our stories and compared the ending of the book and story. 


We had so much fun playing bingo with the whole school. It was great to see the older ones helping the younger ones. Well done to all the children who got bingo baby or full house!

Christmas Quiz:

We had so much fun doing a Christmas quiz with year 3! There were some tricky ones but everyone did really well. A special well done to the Punching Puddings who won. 

Christmas Dinner:

We were also able to sit down together and have a lovely Christmas meal. It was great to have this time to eat and chat with all the children.