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Horse Chestnut 12th-16th June

Next week’s learning:

English- The Egyptian Cinderella 
Maths – Statistics 



In Maths, we continued looking at shapes. We explored quadrilaterals and their features as well as polygons such as pentagon,hexagon, heptagon and octagons. We learnt about polygon is a 2-D shape with straight sides and is a closed shape. We ended our journey by looking at the lines of symmetry and creating symmetrical shapes.


We began looking at our new text, The Egyptian Cinderella. We compared the cultural differences between this story and the original. We then compared some of the main characters. We used comparative conjunctions and thesauruses to build and up£level our sentences. 


We started our new Computing topic, data handling. We began by looking at how weather is different across the world and how different continents have different temperatures. We used google and researched different temperatures around the world. Then we inputted our data into an excel spreadsheet. 


This week, we focused on exploring pitch. We learnt that pitch can be high and low. The longer the sound waves the lower the pitch. The shorter the sound waves, the higher the pitch. We investigated pitch with guitars and glockenspiels. We had to see how we could make a low pitch and a high pitch. 

Egyptian Enrichment Day:

This week, we had our exciting Ancient Egyptian day. We explored Gods and beliefs. We also looked at hieroglyphics in more detail. We tried some foods that Egyptians considered the gift of the Nile such as cucumber, pomegranate and melon! We also created Egyptian prints!