Horse Chestnut 14th-18th March

Next week’s learning:

English – Continuing to write with suspense.
Maths – subtracting fractions and finding fractions of quantities.
Science – We are continuing to look at electricity.


In English this week, we have been looking at a new topic of writing with suspense. He began by looking at what it meant to write a suspenseful piece. Each group was allowed to pick one item from a selection of five. All the items were very similar looking. In groups, we did a shared write and had a go at describing the item without revealing what it was. We then read these out to the class and got others to guess what the item was .We then considered our senses and how they can help the reader picture what happening in the story. We had a very immersive lesson where we listened to forest sounds, wood chopping and a giant stopping. We also felt twigs and leaves, describing them as we felt.


In maths, we continued to look at fractions. We looked at counting in fractions using Number lines and even converting the improper fractions into mixed numbers. In addition to this, we looked at fraction is greater than one and adding fractions. We used strips of paper to support our learning. These represented the factions, then we coloured in the correct parts.


In science, we had a really exciting lesson exploring electricity. We began by wearing headbands to recreate the movement of electricity in a circuit, looking at the nuclei, protons, electrons and neutrons. We looked at different circuits and even created some. We made predictions on what circuits we thought may or may not work. Once we have completed a set, we then added switches and motors to our circuits.


In PE, we looked at the skill of catching a ball. We began by throwing a ball over a cone to our partners. We then used a line on the ground to act as a tennis net and practised throwing the ball with one bounce to each other. We also practised catching a ball in a cone.