Horse Chestnut 17th – 20th October

After half term’s learning:

Maths – We are looking at our new topic of Area. 
English – We are looking at adverts and writing our own narratives.
Science – States of Matter 
Big question –


 In PE, we put all of the skills we’ve learnt over the past few weeks and played a class game of rounders. It was great to see the children playing as a team. 


In Art, we got round to painting our masks. These came out great. The last step now is to add the details!


In Maths, we came to the end of our addition and subtraction topic. We did lots of work on using the column method and the compensation method. We explored looking at the inverse operation to help us check our answers. 


This week, we planned our diary entries for our Big Write. We then wrote these and it was great to see the children really imagine they were the characters from Escape from Pompeii. The children wrote in great detail how they escaped the eruption. 


In Science we came to the end of our topic, Living things and their habitats. We learnt about endangered animals and how both human and natural distaste’s can change an environment. We then created posters in our books about all that we had learnt.