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Horse Chestnut 18th-21st April

Next week’s learning:

English – we are continuing to look at play-scripts.

Maths – we are looking at comparing and ordering decimals. 

Big question – What do you believe?


We moved onto our new topic of play-scripts centred around fairy-tales. Our new text, ‘Gender Swapped Fairy-Tales’ explores the traditional tales but the characters are swapped. Now the princes need saving by the princess. We then compared different scripts and looked at the features. This introduced us to new vocabulary such as colons, stage directions and brackets. 


In Maths, we continued looking at decimals. We began by looking at tenths as a whole. We used our previous learning of converting tenths between fractions and decimals. We had to ask ourselves, how many we need to make that whole. This learning prepared us for looking at hundredths as a whole. We now had to make sure everything was 100 times smaller. We then looked at partitioning decimals in place value as well as flexibly. This meant we can partition them in many ways. This activity prepares us for our money topic. 


In Computing this week, we looked at HTML. We discussed what it meant, as well as ‘www’ and other codes. We went onto the Newsround website and inspected the codes that create it. We then went onto hacking the website and changing the headings! This was lots of fun. It was also good to know that if we refreshed the page, it went back to the original title. 

Forest Schools:


In Art, we began looking at Henri Rousseau. He was a French painter know for his post-Impressionism. He used nature as his inspiration. We looked at leaves and had a go at sketching the other half of one. We focused on sketching the details and looking at the different shades of green.