Horse Chestnut 18th – 22nd October

Learning after half term:

Maths – We will be looking at Length and Perimeter.

English – We will be looking at creating our own adverts. 

Science – We will be looking at States of Matter. 


In PE this week, the children put their speed to the test in a relay race! They all did really well and showed their ability to work as a team. 


In Maths, we have been working towards the end of our addition and subtraction topic. We practised estimating answers and even checking our answers by using the inverse. 


In English, we have been putting everything we have learnt in the past couple of weeks together to write our diary entries from the perspective of the main character in the book. The children have shown a great understanding of past tense, first person and fronted adverbials. 


In Art, the children were beginning to add the final touches to their masks, really brining them to life. They all look amazing!

Roman Enrichment Day:

We all had so much fun today dressed up as Romans doing Roman activities. The children wrote some great diary entries for their Big write and we did lots of Roman numerals work, creating clock faces and even playing Roman bingo! We spent the afternoon creating Roman style brooches, using Roman artefacts for inspiration.