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Horse Chestnut 19th-23rd June

Next week’s learning:

– Health and fitness week

– Maths- statistics


In Maths, we began our new topic of statistics. We began by looking at different types of graphs. We looked at pictograms and bar graphs, observing how the different data is collected and shown. We also looked at turning bar chart data into pictograms. We then moved onto looking at comparing graph data. We calculated the sum of the data, looking at what they data showed altogether. We also looked at the difference of data, using our subtraction skills. 


We concentrated on looking at verbs this week. We focused on the Pharaoh Amasis’ journey to find Rhodopis. We looked at how verbs are important to show what a character is doing. We also picked out the verbs in the text, noting how they were past tense regular verbs. We then created a story S, displaying the Pharaoh’s movements.


In History, we looked at mummification. We explored how only those with enough money could afford to be mummified. We also looked at how Egyptians felt that being mummified would mean you had a safe journey into the afterlife. After we looked at the steps of mummification, we used these steps to mummify our tomatoes. We took the insides out, cleaned them with soap and added our nitron (salt). We then placed our tomatoes into a bag to represent the sarcophagus. 

Shimpling Park Farm:

This week, we had our exciting trip to Shimpling park farm. We looked at the different areas of the farm. We looked at how the grain is made and where it is stored. We also walked around the fields being in wheat almost taller than ourselves! We sat by the pond and looked at the different wildlife and sounds we could hear. 

WCET Festival:

We had a fantastic experience at the WCET music festival this week. We had the amazing opportunity to perform along side other schools playing a range of instruments and a live band! We practiced and performed the songs we’ve been practicing such as Roar and WCET Fiesta. We also learnt a brand new song on the day!