Horse Chestnut 20th-24th September

Next weeks learning:

English – In English we will be continuing with our new text Escape from Pompeii where we will be developing our work into writing our own setting descriptions.
Maths – In Maths we will be continuing with place value looking at Roman numerals in more detail.
Science – In Science we will be continuing to look at living things and their habitats.


In English this week, we looked at our new text which is the story Escape from Pompeii. The children made predictions from the front cover about what they thought might happen in story. We then read the story together and since then we have been able to use features like the senses and adjectives to prepare us to create our own setting descriptions.


In maths we looked at comparing numbers, deciding which symbol we felt worked between the numbers. The children used their knowledge from previous learning of greater than, less than and equal to in order to help them compare given numbers.


In Science this week the children were learning about invertebrates and how we can classify them through the different appearances and features.


In PE this week we continued with Athletics focusing on long jump. The children practised  jumping safely by bending their legs and using their arms to pull them forward. They also practice jumping over skipping ropes in a game called Snake Jump.


In history we continued looking at the Romans and specifically the chronological timeline of the Roman Empire.


In art this week the children continued with making their Roman masks with papier-mâché. This week they added more layers to ensure the mask will be thick enough to hold once they take the paper bag out and they also began to create facial features with bits of newspaper.


In music this week the children continue developing the understanding of the right way to hold a guitar and playing certain notes. They also clapped along different rhythms following the pace and beat.