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Horse Chestnut 20th-24th February

Next week’s learning:

English –  Continuing character description.

Maths – We are looking at improper fractions.

Big question –


In English, we began looking at our new text, Greta and the Giants. We only read up to a certain point, saving the rest for our next topic. We focused on the characters that appear in our story. We used adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe them, focusing on their personality too. We also listened to a character description and drew what we heard. This showed the effectiveness of a good character description.


In Maths, we began our new fraction topic. We started by exploring how much of a fraction makes a whole. We moved on to counting beyond 1 which meant we had to look at mixed numbers. This allowed us to use our knowledge of improper fractions and mixed numbers and place them on number lines. We ended the week by looking at ordering the fractions.



In PE, we began our topic of football! We started by practicing our dribbling techniques, gently moving around the space with the ball touching our feet. We then took part in a race, dribbling and finally passing the ball to our partner. At the end of the lesson, we played a 3 against 1 game using the techniques we learnt in the lesson.

Our rainforest and desert projects:

For our recent homework, the class produced amazing creations of deserts and rainforests. We had cakes, Lego models, shoebox models some even used materials from outside! They are all fantastic.