Horse Chestnut 21st-25th November

Next week’s learning:

English – We will be writing our our explanation texts based on the Wishgranter.

Maths – we will be re-capping what we have learnt in our multiplication and division topic.

Big question –


In maths this week, we looked at multiplying by zero and one. We found out that when a number is multiplied by zero its equals zero. We then progressed onto looking at dividing a number by one and itself. We focused on grouping and sharing when dividing. At the end of the week, we looked at multiplying three digits. This exploration, made us look at the new vocabulary word ‘associative law’. This means Numbers can be grouped in any order when multiplying or adding and you will still get the same answer.


In English, we looked at a new text ‘The Wishgranter’.This is a video clip of a short film about a gnome who grants wishes. This has been really exciting peace to explore. We have been using this as our stimulus to create our own explanation text about a wish machine. we looked at character descriptions to really visualise and describe the main character. We also looked at conjunctions for calls such as; because, then, consequently. We then looked at the features of an explanation text. 


In geography, we explored how World War I affected local environments. We explored how these changes impacted landscapes and communities. We had a really interesting discussion about World War I soldiers from Lawshall and discussed what Life would have been like for them. We noted that all of these changes, whether impacting the community or environment, where human changes. All our geography word of the week is chronological and we were able to apply this word to our English learning.


In science this week, we are focused on water and how it changes state. We Recap our understanding of water turning into a solid from a liquid through freezing and back to a liquid from melting. We extended our learning by looking at liquid turning into a gas via evaporation and causing it to become water vapour. From this, we looked at the reversible change Buy water vapour turning back into a liquid from condensation. To see this happening for real, we looked at ice and water. We also looked at the kettle to see the steam coming out. We placed clingfilm over a jug of boiling water to trap the heat and cause condenstation.