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Horse Chestnut 22nd-25th May

After half term’s learning:

English: Frindleswylde 
Maths: Shape
History: Ancient Egyptians 
PE: Swimming 
Science: Sound


In Maths, we came to the end of our time topic. We looked at converting back and fourth between the 24 hour and 12 hour clock. We then had a go at some word problems featuring time. 


In English, we explored creating adjective and noun of noun phrases. We came up with ideas such as ‘A shimmery web of frost’. We then wrote descriptions as if we were the stork from our story. We described what we could see in the Land of Ice as we soared the sky. We then made inferences about Frindleswylde and why he acts how he does. We thought about how he is cold-hearted but maybe it is because he’s lonely. 


In Science, we continued exploring sound and how we can hear sounds. We refocused on vibrations, doing a rice experiment to show this. The harder we hit the drum the louder 5e sound and the higher the rice jumped. The quieter the sound the smaller the vibrations. We then explored inside the ear and the different parts that help us hear. 


In art, we looked at pieces inspired by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. We thought about how art can use multiple mediums at once. We selected a picture of hers that we liked the most and selected the materials we needed. Then we recreate this in our sketchbooks.


In history, we focused on the pyramids. We learnt that the Pyramid of Giza is 139 m tall. We then learnt about different types of pyramids such as a bent pyramid and a step pyramid. We discussed why, where, when and how the pyramids were built. We then created our own model pyramids and a 3-D pyramid fact file.