Horse Chestnut 22nd-26th November

Next week’s learning:

Maths- In Maths, we are looking at multiplication and division facts for the 3,6,7 and 9 times table.
English – We are using our knowledge from Geography to write a letter targeted at the local Council. 
Science – We are looking at the process of evaporation. 



In PE, we looked at the art of dance and how we could combine it with other areas of our learning. We created different moves that would represent the three states of matter; solid, liquid and gas. The children came up with some great moves to represent these and the transitions between each state. 


In Computing, we progressed our computer skills by creating our own questionnaires. The children decided in pairs what this would be on. After deciding the title and creating numbered questions, we then shared this on the student shared folder. This enabled the children to look at other children’s questionnaires in the class. 


In English, we looked at Performance Poetry. We looked at the technical side, using rhyming, stanzas and even onomatopoeia. We then looked at how to perform them, thinking about pitch and pace. We also thought about any actions we might use. This all led the children onto writing and performing their own poems!


In Maths, we continued our Multiplication and Division topic. We looked at dividing by 10 and 100. We also looked deeper into what it means to divide by 1 and itself. We used our place value charts to support our understanding.  


In RE, the children continued exploring the religion of Islam. They used drama strategies to aid this exploration of Umayya and Bilal.