Horse Chestnut 23rd-26th May 2022

After Half term:

Maths – statistics 
English – Egyptian Cinderella 


In maths, we came to the end of our time topic by looking at the conversion of analogue and digital time. We looked at the hands on the clock and once we read them, we decided how it would look in its digital version. We also looked at how many days were in a week, weeks and days in year and months in a year. 


In English, we looked at instructional texts. We began by looking at the features that make an instruction. We then created our own fairytale versions of instructions. We had lots of instructions from making the witches house from Hansel and Gretel to a poison perplexing potion!


In DT, we made meatballs, stuffed peppers and jam tarts. We used our knowledge of safety and hygiene to prepare the food. We grated carrots and onions as well mixing bread crumbs with egg and pork mince. For the stuffed peppers, we had to scoop out all the insides and stuffed it with couscous and top with cheese. It was great fun to see the children create the jam tarts. We had to roll out the pastry and cut it with cutters. We then put a teaspoon of jam in each one. 

Jubilee Day:

This week we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We did lots of different activities from creating a Jubilee pudding to doing a Jubilee collage. One of the best parts was having a street party with the whole school. It was lovely to see everyone celebrating together.