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Horse Chestnut 23rd-27th January

Next week’s learning:

English – We are looking at biography writing.

Maths – We are looking at length and perimeter.

Big question – Can you believe everything you hear?


In maths this week, we have been looking at dividing a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number with remainders. We used part-whole models and bus stop to support our learning and show our method. We then moved onto looking at correspondence problems and how using multiplication to calculate how many combinations we can make of different things. 

We ended the week by looking at efficient multiplication and different ways of doing this.


This week, we combined Drama and English to retell the story of the Windmill Farmer. We created freeze frames demonstrating the main points. We then created comic strips, thinking about what the Windmill farmer might say. We used our knowledge of direct speech for this. We also did some creative writing using expanded noun phrases to create a stormy scene. 


In Science, we continued our learning about teeth. We reminded ourselves what the different type of teeth were and their functions. We then discussed tooth decay and used the iPads to research more information on tooth decay. We then used all our knowledge in teeth to create a non-chronological report on teeth.


In yoga, we looked at new poses such as the back bend, camel and the boat. We also looked at the bow in 2 different ways. This was a great way to stretch and relax!