Horse Chestnut 24th – 28th January

Next Week’s Learning:

English – We are continuing with our exploration of Newspaper reports, looking at eyewitness accounts. 
Maths – We are looking at dividing 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. 


In Maths, I have been looking at dividing two digit numbers by a one digit number. We looked at different methods to be able to do this beginning with place value counters and then using a part whole model to break down the division into easier chunks. We also moved our exploration onto looking at reminders and we began will be using lollipop sticks to show how many equal groups we had and how many left over. We then applied this into a method of number lines using repeated subtraction to get as close to 0 as possible.


In English, we began a new topic of newspaper reports on ‘The Creature’. We began by looking at the features of a a newspaper report and created our own headlines, strap lines and rhetorical questions to grab the readers interest. 


In DT, we have been looking at what a greenhouse is and why they are used. We then looked at what would be the most stable structure for a greenhouse whilst allowing the maximum amount of sunlight in. We created 3D models out of paper and cut pieces out to represent the windows. We then tested their stability. 

Forest Schools:

In Forest Schools, the children learnt about different animal skulls and inhabitants they might find in a pond. They created things out of clay and built fires. Once they built a fire they toasted marshmallows which they absolutely loved!