Horse Chestnut 26th -29th April 2022

Next week’s learning:

Maths- We are continuing to look at decimals, focusing on halves and quarters.
English – We are continuing to look to look at play-scripts. 
Science – We are exploring sound. 


In Maths, we have been looking at decimals. We focused on making a whole at the beginning of the week. We progressed this to writing decimals, really focusing on the place value of each digit both before and after the decimal point. We then compared these decimals, using our previous learning to help us. 


In English, we began looking at our new text. Gender Swapped Fairytales explores traditional fairytales with a twist. We looked at a tale called Cinder and the features of a play-script. We then looked at different scripts with no title and we had to guess which play it was from. 



This week, we became Egyptologists! We explored who the Ancient Egyptians were and some artefacts. We then created a time line of the Ancient Egyptians and were introduced to new words; hieroglyphics, Pharaoh, Nile.