Horse Chestnut 27th – 1st October

Next weeks learning:

English – We will be continuing with our class text, Escape From Pompeii, and focusing on the features of diary writing in action. 
Maths – We will be looking at our next topic which is addition and subtraction.
Science – We are continuing our learning about living things and their habitats.


In English this week we continued planning and creating our setting descriptions for our postcards. We have looked specifically at similes, adjectives, expanded noun phrases and senses to give as much description as possible.


In maths we came to the end of our Place Value topic but before we finished we rounded off with looking at Roman numerals and using them in calculations and creating calculations of our own.


In Science the children continued developing to understanding of living things and the habitats and in particular how to classify them in different ways.  We ended up producing classification keys on animals in a desert habitat. 


In history this week we continued learning about the Romans and looked in detail about how the locals (Celts) reacted to the invasion of the Romans. We discussed about whether it was good to make peace with the Romans or fight back like Queen Boudicca!


In PE this week we looked at the different ways we could throw a basketball. We practised an Over Head throw, a Pitch Throw and even a Chest Pass! We focused on how we could throw safely for ourselves and others around us.