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Horse Chestnut 27th – 3rd March

Next week’s learning: 

Maths – continuing our fractions unit. 

English – We will begin our new topic of writing with suspense. 


In Maths, we have been looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions. We really got to understand what this meant. We moved our learning on to converting between the two. We used our skills of multiplication and division to help us. We ended the week by looking at equivalent fractions.


In English, we continued looking at Greta and comparing her with the Giants. We used antonyms and synonyms along with adjectives and similes. Then we looked at comparative conjunctions such as however, but and whereas to join our comparative sentences together. 


In PE, we developed our football skills by focusing on sending and receiving the ball. We looked at the 4 S’s – Stop, step, see, send. Through mini games and challenges we practiced this skill. We learnt that the best and safest  way to stop or pass a football is by using the inside of your foot rather than your toes. 


In Geography, we looked at climates around the world. Using maps, we were able to see which countries had tropical, temperate, equatorial, polar and warm climates. We used this knowledge to colour in our own maps!

World Book Day:

This week we celebrated world book day. It was great to see everyone’s costumes. We learnt what WBD is all about as well as the masked reader and paired reading. It was great fun trying to work out which animal all the teachers were!