Horse Chestnut 28th-1st April 2022

Next Week’s Learning:

Maths – we will be focusing on hundredths.
English – we will be researching and writing our non-chronological reports.


In English, we have been using dictionary skills to help us locate and spell words. We also began our new topic on Non-chronological reports. We began by looking at all the features that appear in non-chronological report. This has prepared us for our lessons next week. 


In Maths, we have begun looking at decimals. We started by looking at the relationship between tenths and hundredths. We used dienes to help us visualise the tenths and hundredths. We then looked at tenths as a fractions and what that would look like as a decimal. We placed this in place value charts and on number lines. 


In Science, we experimented with homemade switches. We used cardboard, split pins and paper clips to create the switches. We attached this to a complete circuit to see the bulb light up. We had to time ourselves setting up the circuits and then taking them apart again. 


In Art, we have been looking at French artist Henri Rousseau. His art works looking at jungles, linking with our jungles topic in Geography. We begin by sketching a leaf from reference, focusing on sketching and shading. We then practiced creating shades of green from mixing blue and yellow together. We then added black and white to create the different shades. We practiced this with both paint and water colour.