Horse Chestnut 28th -1st December

Next week’s learning:

Maths – We will be consolidating our times table knowledge. 

English – We will be looking at The Polar Express.

Big Question – If you were Prime minister, what would you change about our country?


In maths, we focused on arrays and what they actually represented. Once we looked at what the array represented, we focused on how many of that array there was. So, if an array showed 2×3 and it was shown twice, we know it is 2 x 3 x 2. We then were able to calculate our answer. The children did really well with this and it was clear to see their progress over the last few lessons. 


In English, we came to the end of our topic on The Wishgranter. We planned our explanation texts thinking about our prepositions, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases to explain to our reader how the wish machine works. We then wrote these as our Big Write. We ended the week by doing some dictionary practice. We looked at how the first three letters of a word can help us find it. We also brushed up on our editing skills editing some of Mr Whoops’ mistakes!


In Science, we learnt all about the water cycle. We used our globe to look at how much of the Earth is covered with water. We focused on how the water is evaporated and turned into water vapour. Once it hits the clouds, we learnt it condenses to become water droplets. As the clouds get heavy, it begins to rain, sleet or snow. We discovered this was called precipitation. When the precipitation falls back into the water, this is called collection. To show precipitation, we used a cup of water with shaving foam on top. This represented the cloud. We then had blue water which we dripped onto the ‘cloud’. This moved through the cloud and out the other side. This represented precipitation. 


In PE, we looked at our new dance ‘Carnival’. We focused on the Samba Twist and the Shoulder Shimmy. These moves really got our heart rates up. They were really fun to have a go at whilst we moved to Brazilian Carnival music. 


This week we were so lucky to take a trip to the panto to see Robin Hood. It was such a good experience and we all had such a great time!