Horse Chestnut 28th – 4th March 2022

Next week’s learning:

English- We are continuing with character description, focusing on the characters from Greta and the Giants. 

Maths- We are continuing to look at fractions.

Science – We are continuing with our topic on electricity.


In English, we were introduced to our new text Greta and the Giants. This beautifully illustrated book follows a fictional story of Greta as she tried to protect the forest against the Giants. We began looking at character description and the different elements that make a descriptive piece. This included using adjectives, similes and considering how a character may walk and talk. 



In Maths, we looked at the different ways we can represent fractions. We looked at drawing shapes with equal parts as well as where fractions could sit on a number line. We also see Frayer models to show the different representations and examples of unit and non-unit fractions. 


In DT, we began creating our greenhouses. We used cardboard to create the frame and acetate for the windows. See the photos below of our progress so far!

Seed to Tree:

This week we had our seed to tree! We began the morning talking with Elizabeth about William who traveled over to the country in 1993 from Papa New Guinea to plant an oak tree at our school! Once we got to Golden Wood, the children began planting the hedges. Once they’d dug holes and planted the trees. After, they then covered it all in mulch to keep it warm.


In Science, we began looking at electricity. We looked at how electricity is generated and the different types of currents there are. Once we did some research, the children created posters on the information we had found. 

World Book Day:

On Thursday, we celebrated world book day. It was amazing to see the children dressed up in their favourite book characters. We read How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers and created our own instructions on how to catch our own star!