Horse Chestnut 29th-3rd December

Next week’s learning:

Maths – We will be coming to the end of our Multiplication and Division topic. 
English- We will be writing our persuasive letters in English!


In Maths, we have been really practising our 3,6 and 9 times tables! The children have done really well with finding how many ‘lots of’ something there are. They were also able to show the inverse of the multiplication by completing division questions. We drew pictures for the division problems to help us solve them!


In English, we began our new topic of writing a persuasive letter. We explored this by identifying the different features in the first lesson to then picking those apart and looking deeper into them as the week went on. We’ve done lots of work on fronted adverbials, but this week we looked at how to use them to order points for an argument. 


In computing, we looked at creating excel sheets. The children typed up all the names of the children in the class and in their pairs they decided on two questions to type on the document. These questions needed to be able to be answered with yes or no. We then shared these documents on the student shared area so the children could answer others questions. 


In PE, the children developed their dances from last week repressing the transition between solid, liquid and gas. They tightened their performance by counting to a beat of 8 and thought about their entrance and exit.