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Horse Chestnut 2nd-5th May

Next week’s learning:

Maths – calculate and solve problems with money.
English – planning our newspapers.
Big question – 


This week, we began looking at money. We started by recapping what the different coins are and how their values are different. We then looked at money in their decimals forms, how we see them on a price tag. We then looked at comparing and ordering different amounts of money. 


We began by looking newspapers to see the different features. Once we knew the different elements that make a newspaper, we could look at them in more detail. We focused on headlines and how they need to be catchy to catch the reader’s eye. We looked at alliteration and word play. We then looked at the 5 Ws. We found that it was important for a report to tel the reader who, what, where, when and why. 


This week, we explored switches and motors. We created a standard circuit and then tested them by adding motors and switches in. We drew three different circuits and tested them to see if they worked. 


The King’s Coronation: