Horse Chestnut 2nd-5th November

Next Weeks Learning:

Maths – We will be continuing to look at length and perimetre.

English – In English, we are coming to the end of Escape from Pompeii focusing on narrative. 
Science – We are continuing with our States of Matter topic. 


In Computing this week, we looked at what it means to work collaboratively. We all took it in turns to write sentences on laptops on the same topic. We then read this out and it created a story!


In Science, we began our new topic; States of Matter. We looked at what makes something a solid, liquid and gas. We also focused on gas, investigating the carbon dioxide bubbles in fizzy drinks. The children had lots of fun with this experiment. We looked specifically at the weight of gases and how this is changed when the drink becomes flat. 


In English, we looked at the features of an advert and how to write persuasively to encourage someone to buy a product. We then used these techniques to create our own adverts as if we were market sellers from Escape from Pompeii. 


In Maths, we explored equivalent lengths of mm and cm, cm and m and even looked at km. We took a practical approach to this topic, measuring items around the classroom and converting them into equivalent measurements. 


We began our new Geography topic this week. We looked specifically at our local environment of Lawshall. Using Google Maps, we looked at the arial view and street view of Lawshall looking at the church, village hall and All Saints!