Horse Chestnut 2nd-6th May 2022

Next week’s learning:

Maths – We will be starting our new topic on money. 
English  -We will be planning our play-scripts.


In maths, we have been looking at ordering decimals, using our knowledge of place value. We then looked at rounding decimals, thinking about which numbers they sit between and whether we round up or down. We ended our decimal unit by looking at halves and quarters as decimals. This required us to think back to when we did equivalent fractions. We used a fraction wall to support our learning. We found that 1/2 2/4 4/8 are all 0.5 as decimals!


In English, we began by looking at the features of a play script and comparing them to a story. We considered how the layouts are different as well as how stories have direct speech but a play-script doesn’t. Through studying scripts, we considered how an actor would perform a character. We ended the week by understanding the importance of stage directions and how they help the actor know what to do.


This week, we explored the ‘Gift of the Nile’. We learnt about the importance of the Nile and how historian, Herodotus, thought that there 5 gifts from the Nile. These were; farming/crops, food, objects and clothes, protection and trade and transport. Because of these gifts, lots of Egyptian cities settled by the Nile for the fertile land. 


In science, we continued exploring sound. This week, we looked in more detail about how sound travels. We explored, using rice and a a drum, how the louder the bang (amplitude) the stronger the vibration. We learnt that sound needs a medium to pass through into order to actually make a sound. Using all the information we learnt in that lesson, the children became TV presenters. They sued their knowledge to present and discuss the movement of sound.