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Horse Chestnut 31st-3rd February

Next week’s learning:

English- Looking at biography writing.

Maths- We are continuing to look at length and perimeter. 

Big Question-


In Maths this week, we have been exploring length and perimeter. We began by looking at metres and kilometres, thinking about which is the longer unit of measurement. We then started looking at perimeter and how that it is the measurement around the outside of the shape. We learnt we could calculate it by adding up all the sides. We also looked at rectilinear shapes. 



This week in English, we explored our new text all about Greta Thunberg. We learnt information about her and became familiar with a new genre, biographies. We then looked at the features of a biography, such as third person, past tense and writing in chronological order. 


In Science, we explored food chains. We looked at the different sections of a food chain and what it is made up of. We looked at the producer and the primary, secondary and tertiary consumer. Then we found some food chains that had a quaternary consumer! We learnt that the arrows showed the flow of energy. We then made food chain tubes and flap books.


In RE, we have been looking at Hinduism. We’ve been exploring Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. In the story, the villagers leave diva lamps to light the way home for Rama and Sita. Last week we made our own clay diva lamps. This week we painted them!

Caribbean Enrichment Day:

We had such a fun day learning all about the Caribbean as a whole school. We learnt about sea life, flags, dancing, music and carnival necklaces. We also tasted and made food and learnt some Spanish!  Check out the other class pages to see what we got up to in each session!