Horse Chestnut 31st-4th November

Next week’s learning:

Maths – times tables 
English – narrative writing 
Big question – 


In maths, we looked at area this week. We began by looking at areas by sight and what shapes would have a bigger area. We then moved onto counting squares to find the square units. To develop this, we used our knowledge of arrays and multiplied the squares in the columns by the amount of rows. We ended the week by looking at comparing areas.


In English, we were looking at adverts. We began by looking at the features of adverts and what they use to persuade people to buy the product. We were introduced to superlatives like ‘best’ and ‘nicest’ as well as the term imperative verbs for bossy verbs. We then planned and created our own adverts as if we were traders in Ancient Rome.


In computing, we began our new topic looking at working online collaboratively. We went onto Google jamboard and wrote our favourite colour. Then we created a story altogether. 


In Science, we began our new topic looking at States of Matter. We explored solids liquids and gasses. We looked at different materials and decided which state they were. We then moved our learning onto looking at the particles of these states. We learnt at solids are rigid and don’t move. Liquid particles move around slightly, over lapping each other. Solids have particles which move around fast all over the place. 

Bee Day:

We had so much doing different activities celebrating bees. Here are the photos of the children making felt bees!