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Horse Chestnut 3rd-7th July

Next week’s learning:

English – diary writing

Maths – position and direction

Science – inventors


This week, we have been focusing on position and direction. We looked at reading coordinates on a grid as if we were captains of a ship. We then moved onto plotting coordinates on a grid too. To further this, we then plotted coordinates on a grid that revealed 2D shapes. We noted that if there were 4 sets of coordinates, this meant it would create a quadrilateral. If there were only 3 sets, it must be a triangle.


In English this week, we began our new topic of diary writing to show action. We abusing Tadeo Jones as our chosen material. We will transport our readers into the tomb. In order to do this, we used senses. We thought about how we might feel emotionally and physically. We also thought about what we would hear and see. We used similes and expanded noun phrases to show this too.


This week, we continued our data handling topic. We used the iPads to look up weather in different parts of the world. We used the Met Office to get our findings. We then inputted information into a table such as; wind speed, temperature, general weather conditions and chance of rain.