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Horse Chestnut 4th-6th January

Next week’s learning:

English – We are looking at persuasive writing and debating.
Maths – Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.
Big question – What is democracy?


In maths, we have been exploring factors and factor pairs. We learnt that a product is a number multiplied by another number to make a product. We found out that numbers can have a range of factors. We then focused on how a product can have factor pairs. This is the two specific numbers used to make a product. Using factor bugs really helped for us to visually see it. We ended the week by looking at multiplying by 10. We learnt that it wasn’t just about adding a 0 but how the place value shifts one place to the left. 


In English, we began our new topic of poetry. We are currently using the film text ‘Treasure’ as our stimulus. It’s is a lovely clip about an old woman who lives in a junkyard. She uses broken ‘junk’ and makes new items out of them. We began by looking at table of items and deciding if we thought it was rubbish or treasure. This led us onto a great discussion on the idea of treasure meaning something different to different people. We moved on to describing certain items as ugly rubbish. We explored using antonyms to rewrite our descriptions to make them sound more beautiful. We ended the week by exploring riddles and creating poems out of these. We used our items from our description to describe. 


This week, we began looking at the digestive system. We discussed what we thought digestion could mean. We identifies the different organs within the digestive system and together placed them on our display. We explored how digestive systems can be different such as a cows and a humans.