Horse Chestnut 4th-8th April 2022

After Half term’s learning:

Maths – We are continuing to look at decimals. 
English – We are looking at play scripts. 
Science – We are looking at sound. 


In Maths, we have be continuing our learning with decimals. We’ve progressed our learning to hundredths. We then looked at converting the hundredths into decimals. We concluded our learning by dividing by 100, with some children been getting onto 1,000!


In English, we began our preparation of writing our non-chronological reports by researching all about the Amazon Rainforest. We looked at its location, the types of animals that lived there and looked at fun facts! We used our computing skills to open new tabs and search the websites we needed. We put our findings onto different post-it notes to represent our different paragraphs. Everyone then produced lovely reports!


In Art, we continued our work inspired by French artist Henri Rousseau. We each had a piece of one of his paintings and sketched it. We then painted it using the greens we mixed from blue and yellow. We will piece are parts back together to recreate the painting. 

Easter Service:

This week we had our Easter Service at the Church, where we learnt all about the crucifixion and rise of Jesus. We sang songs and listened to a wonderful story.