Horse Chestnut 4th-8th October

Next Weeks Learning:

Maths – We are continuing with Addition and Subtraction topic  focusing on subtraction 
English – We will be continuing with Escape from Pompeii 
Science – Living things and their habitats 


In PE this week, we looked at a pitch throw which is often used in javelin. The children experimented throwing in different ways beginning with a beanbag and eventually throwing foam javelins at quite a distance!


In Maths this week, our learning progressed to adding and subtracting 1s,10s, 100s and 1,000s. To do this, the children thought back to prior learning of place value to help them. We also began looking at using the column method to help us add two 4 digit numbers!


In English, we continued looking at our class text Escape from Pompeii. The children finally got to read the final part of the story and this helped us create story maps and really secure our understanding of the text. 


In music this week, the children were continuing to learn the E and B notes and playing along to tunes such as Eat the Beat


In History, we looked at Roman beliefs, specifically Roman Gods and Goddesses. We were surprised to learn how many different Gods they had! This led the children onto creating their own God/Goddesses for their homework!