Horse Chestnut 5th-7th January

Next week’s learning:

English – We are continuing our new topic, looking at the features of biography writing. 
Maths – We are looking at Multiplication and Division.
Science – We are looking at Animals including humans. 


In Maths, we have been extending our knowledge of multiplication by multiplying 3 numbers together. In this learning, we were introduced to the term ‘Associative Law’ meaning that numbers can be grouped in any order when multiplying and you will get the same answer. We also familiarised ourselves with the term product which is the mathematical term for answer when dealing with multiplication. We also looked at factor pairs. 


In English, we were introduced to our new text on Greta Thunberg. This links with our Geography topic on how to live sustainably. Over the next few weeks we will gather information on Greta and build a tool kit to write our own biographies on her. 


In Science, we have begun our new topic looking at Animals including humans. We began our exploration by looking at the digestive system. We began by learning the different organs and parts in the digestive system. We created a class display by adding on these pieces to a blank person. We then extended this by looking at the functions of each organ in the digestive system. 


This week the children were able to celebrate Epiphany at the church. They learnt lots of about the meaning of Epiphany.