Horse Chestnut 5th – 9th December

Next week’s learning:

English – Continuing the Polar Express.

Maths – Consolidating what we have learnt this term.


We have had such a wonderful and magical week of English. We began began our journey of The Polar Express by venturing to the school hall to find a mysterious parcel. In this parcel, there were some bells and a note that said the word ‘belief’. As we read an extract from the Night Before Christmas, we thought about what the word belief could be to do with. The next day, we all came to school in our pyjamas and found some mysterious footprints in our class. We were also lucky enough to have our own adventure on the Polar Express with yummy hot chocolates! From this experience we vote recounts of our time. We also looked at similes and how they can help with setting descriptions. 



This week, we also celebrated Christingle. We reminded ourselves about what each part of it represents and why we celebrate it. After making our own Christingle, we went to the church for a wonderful service. 


We had our DT day this week and created amazing stockings. We began by designing what we wanted it to look like, thinking about our design criteria. We thought about how secure it needed to be, what size and how to make it visually appealing through colour and patterns. We then began sewing! We practised and used the over stitch and the running stitch. All these stockings were really effective. At the end, we evaluated our stockings and shared our kind thoughts about others.