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Horse Chestnut 5th-9th June 2023

Next week’s learning:

English – fictional historical writing.

Maths – properties and types of shapes.



In English, we came to the end of Frindleswylde. We read to the end of the story and discussed what themes appeared in it. We also created a story map of the important moments that occurred in the story. 


This week, we began looking at shape. We looked at different types of angles, recapping our year 3 learning. We then looked at comparing and ordering the angles, looking at the amount of turn to decide which one was bigger. We ended the week by looking at the different types of triangles. We looked at how our knowledge of angles can help us with that. 


Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at Henri Rousseau and Georgia O’Keeffe. This week, we combined the two to creat our own art. We thought about the colours and shades we were using. 

Papua New Guinea Day:

This week, we had local residents of Lawshall remind us of why we do all the great work with Seed to Tree. We learnt about the links to PNG and got to see some amazing objects.