Horse Chestnut 6th-10th December

Next week’s learning:


In PE this week, we looked at representing super powers through the medium of dance. We followed a set choreography which the children were very good at. We then came up with our own endings to the dances. 


I’m Maths, we came to the end of our Multiplication and Division topic by looking at the 7 times table and division facts. The children used number lines to support their learning, as well as using real life scenarios. 


In English, we wrote our persuasive letters asking the council not to build on the school field. The children enjoyed this, all coming up with great arguments against this such as the impact on wildlife and the impact on their ability to have a break time outside. They used lots of great techniques such as adverbials to order their points and rhetorical questions. 

Christmas Jumper Day:

On Friday, we celebrated Christmas Jumper in aid of the Charity Save the Children. We had lots of fun creating Christmas decorations and designing our own Christmas Jumpers. We even decorated bags for the book swap, Jolabokaflod.