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Horse Chestnut 6th-10th February

After half term’s learning:

English- Character descriptions
Maths- Fractions
Geography- Why are jungle wet and deserts it’s dry?
Science –Electricity


In English this week, we looked at possessive apostrophes for both plural and singular nouns. We also looked at what features our class text has that makes it a biography. By the end of the week we planned and wrote our biographies on Greta Thunberg.


In maths, we focused our learning on rectilinear shapes. We learnt that these were shapes with straight sides that met at a right angle. We then used our knowledge of calculating the perimeter to complete questions on rectilinear shapes. Later in the week, things progressed as we looked at finding missing lengths. This required us to use our knowledge of adding and subtracting to find these missing lengths. We then had to use finding the missing lengths and calculating the perimeter in a lesson. We ended the week bye looking at polygons.


In PE we came to the end of our yoga lessons. We continue to practice the moves we have been looking at as well as doing some really fun breathing activities such as pretending to be a whale and a lion. This really allowed us to destress and have a relaxing lesson.


This week we had our DT day. We began bye planning what we wanted our greenhouse to look like and how we could make sure it fitted our design criteria. It’s hard to be able to stand up as well as allow sunlight in. We then got to creating our greenhouses using cardboard, plastic wrap, acetate and masking tape. Our greenhouses turned out really good and we had a very productive day.